We work with suppliers who are proven as delivering the best quality of products and majority of products are made-in-Korea unless it is specifically indicated.

We handle only authentic products which we purchase directly from our suppliers here in Korea and ship globally.

We choose the best selling brands in Korea which are very popular among Korean retail shops. We also provide a wide brand portfolio with diverse styles and price range.



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Any combination of brands

This is the one-stop wholesale shop for every retailer who wants to buy Korean women fashion!

We offer a wide variety of brands. And while each brands has its own very unique style, all these brands have two things in common:
they are made in Korea and proven bestsellers!

We hope that you will enjoy the wide range of products selected by us from top-selling kfashion labels in South Korea.

Recently Fashion United published the article about K-fashion trend and our wholesale business. It might help you understand better on our service.


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