How to Find a Korean Fashion Wholesaler – Preview

As a retailer if you are looking for the trendy fashion items at an affordable price with a good quality, very likely you will end up to Korean fashion.

Along with Hanryu (한류) driven by a strong popularity of Korean dramas and shows especially in Asia, the fashion items worn by K-stars got so much interests from people around the world as well.

Despite these big popularity, there is not much of information especially on the wholesale market and you are quite often lost where and how you can start.

Hopefully the following articles help you to start your new shop or add another great collections in your current shop!


1) DongDaeMun (DDM) Apparel Wholesale Market

There are about 7 big shopping malls in DongDaeMun where most of stores sell women apparel, shoes, accessories and  any fashion item.

It opens 24 hours, but the wholesale market only for night time and the retail market only during day time.

Each of shopping malls have hundreds of shops with all different styles and let’s go one by one to get to know more!

1)-1. U:US (유어스)

1)-2. APM (에이피엠)

1)-3. Designer Club (디자이너클럽)

1)-4. Nuzzon (뉴존)

1)-5. JeIlPyungHwa Makret (제일평화시장)


2) NamDaeMun Apparel Wholesale Market

While DongDaeMun mostly consists of women fashion, if you want to shop for the children clothing, NamDaeNum is the best place.

There are so many small brands with a great quality and unique design at an amazing price, that’s where our Kkami business has started with a current success.

If you like to get to know each brands more in details, please check our brand page, here.


3) Korean Apparel Wholesale Online

The best would be of course that you come over here in person to go shopping here in Seoul. However to save your time and money to fly over here, shopping via wholesale online would be an alternative. We provide the retailers one-stop shopping experience both for women and children fashion with more than 5000 items per season and with excellence service. Even if we fly over here, quite often you will have difficulty to communicate at the stores since most of shop owners can’t speak proper English unless you bring someone who can translate for you. Plus since this is a wholesale market quite often you should buy per series, like for the same model with all different colors or with all different sizes. However at our site you can just put any items from any brand in your cart to reach our minimum order quantity, then your products will be shipped anywhere in the world. Check here all if you want to know our service better and go to our product page to meet daily new products updated!